About Us

Plaza Aerospace was founded in 2015 by Juan B. Plaza, a commercial pilot and geospatial professional. Juan received a degree in Geodesy and a master in digital photogrammetry from Universidad Central de Venezuela and a MBA in international Finance from Florida International University. Apart from his hours as pilot in command (PIC) Juan has accumulated over 750 hours of experience in photogrammetry navigation and camera operation in aircraft as varied as WWII B-25, Cessna 310, Piper Aztec and Citation 550 jets.

In the geospatial products’ arena, for 26 years Juan worked as Sales Director for companies such as Autodesk and Trimble Navigation and during those two and a half decades he developed a network of software and hardware distributors that are willing and eager to represent new products in their respective countries.

Part of his responsibilities as a Sales Director for these two companies, Juan also oversaw the implementation of some of the largest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) deployments in the world and developed a reputation as a Project Manager with a fierce focus on finishing on time and within budget.

Juan’s career as a commercial pilot came late in life, when he received his FAA commercial, multiengine license in 2017. After that he has specialized in photogrammetry flights and also in providing pilot services for executive flights.

Juan now has assembled a group of professional individuals and organizations under the umbrella of Plaza Aerospace to bring all these different areas of expertise under one roof and with one solid leader.

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