Aviation Consulting Services

Juan was a private pilot for decades before making the decision to become a professional pilot. In 2017 he received his commercial, multi-engine, instrument ratings and in a matter of weeks he was a Citation II (C550) second in Command (SIC). Together with his friend Jean Gabriel Ducournau, an ATP pilot with over 15,000 hours of executive aviation flying, they began offering pilot services. Today that informal relationship has consolidated into a more structured menu of services.




Creation Sevice

Writing services for online and physical publications. For over seven years we, at Plaza Aerospace have been contributing to some of the most important online and physical publications in the fields of crewed aviation, geospatial and uncrewed aviation. Now these services are available to you for a fair price per word or per writing assignment. We can provide content in all three fields in both English and Spanish. We also specialize in creating content for printed pamphlets, online publications and everything in between.If it’s related to aviation, crewed or uncrewed or geospatial sciences, we can help you create striking content to fit your needs.



Aviation Consulting Services

This is the aviation of the future and even though we don’t foresee crewed aviation to disappear anytime soon, we realize that uncrewed aviation will be slowly replacing traditional aircraft in many applications, especially inspections, deliveries, small cargo, mapping and photogrammetry and agricultural applications.

The most difficult decision when adopting a new technology is platform selection and a mistake in the early stages could be costly and difficult to reverse, that’s why at Plaza Aerospace we specialize in helping organizations select the right uncrewed platform based on the mission and the geography where it will take place.




Most local, tribal, state and federal agencies as well as public utilities have, over the past 30 years, implemented comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in their organizations to manage their assets and present a graphic interface to their constituents and customers. Now these 2D implementations need to be upgraded to a more modern3D Digital Twin in order to reach the next level in which to apply for a Smart City status.


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Business Development

With over 30 years of accumulated experience selling technology in over 26 countries south of the border, Plaza Aerospace has developed an impressive array of contacts and distribution networks that allow our consultants to tap into new markets for European and USA manufacturers. With fluency in Portuguese and Spanish our experts can guide your sales teams towards new markets and new sources of revenue.

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