Aviation Consulting Services

This is the aviation of the future and even though we don’t foresee crewed aviation to disappear anytime soon, we realize that uncrewed aviation will be slowly replacing traditional aircraft in many applications, especially inspections, deliveries, small cargo, mapping and photogrammetry and agricultural applications.

The most difficult decision when adopting a new technology is platform selection and a mistake in the early stages could be costly and difficult to reverse, that’s why at Plaza Aerospace we specialize in helping organizations select the right uncrewed platform based on the mission and the geography where it will take place.

Drone and air taxi (Advanced Air Mobility) Consulting services

Taking into consideration that drones and air taxis are different technologies designed for different purposes, there are areas in which they overlap and as such we can help your organization find a path forward in the adoption process. In both cases these technologies are trying to do one thing: replace the pilot. Ultimately it will be the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the entity that will regulate how these uncrewed aircraft will join its crewed counterparts in controlled airspace and as such we keep a close eye on their updates to current regulations. Right now the industry is waiting for the beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) ruling that would open the floodgates to a massive deployment of these non-traditional aircraft in the National Airspace (NAS).

If you are a manufacturer or a service provider, Plaza Aerospace can help you determine the best route to follow to integrate technology that will allow your aircraft to fly legally in the USA and Europe. The two technologies that are key to any autonomous flight are unmanned traffic management (UTM) and detect and avoid (DAA). Over the years we have established working relationships with companies that provide and integrate these technologies into any uncrewed platform. We can guide you and your team through the process of working with these companies.

Part 107 Pilot Training in partnership with USA Drone Academy – UDA. Our partnership with UDA includes not only the Part 107 certification but also learning to fly the most popular brand of drones in the market and be ready to apply for jobs as UAV pilot.

  • Spraying agriculture. We have developed a course that allows new UAV pilots to specialize in uncrewed agricultural applications and eventually we can help their organizations obtain their Part 137 certification with the FAA
  • Public Safety. Given the heavy restrictions that the Federal Government has placed on the use of Chinese-made drones, we can help organizations select from the Department of Defense Blue List 2.0 the most appropriate UAV platform for their mission and create a flying course to fit its needs.
  • Mapping, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. With over 35 years of experience mapping in crewed and uncrewed aviation, we can help your organization select the right flying platform and the right sensor to fit all classes of mapping; from the standard orthophoto to the more complex 3D Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) used in modern Digital Twin implementations.


Over the past two years we have been deeply involved in the development and deployment of commercial UAS and the various legislations affecting its safe use. During his time at Trimble Juan oversaw the deployment and support of UAS projects in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

By following closely the issuing of Exception 333 we have been able to develop strategies to accelerate the approval process of these certifications. We are following closely new regulations in many countries throughout the world in order to help our customers reach these markets as soon as legislation is passed.

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