Latin American Business Development

Latin American

Business Development

With over 30 years of accumulated experience selling technology in over 26 countries south of the border, Plaza Aerospace has developed an impressive array of contacts and distribution networks that allow our consultants to tap into new markets for European and USA manufacturers. With fluency in Portuguese and Spanish our experts can guide your sales teams towards new markets and new sources of revenue.

L.A. Market

For Latin American companies trying to penetrate the USA Market.

  • The USA market is without a doubt the largest in the world, but is also the most regulated, the most heavily competitive and the least friendly to outside companies trying to enter an already crowded field. That is why we, at Plaza Aerospace have developed a network of contacts at the local, state and federal government that would allow your company to navigate the complex regulatory environment of the many bureaucratic layers currently in place.

For American and European UAV manufacturers trying to penetrate the Latin American market.

  • After 28 years of selling complex IT solutions into the LATIN American market, Plaza Aerospace has developed a network of hardware and software distributors of geospatial solutions. These vast array of specialized resellers are constantly looking for new technologies for their customers and as such they are well positioned to introduce your products and services in countries where general aviation regulations are less strict and therefore open for business. If your company is ready for new sources of revenue, Latin America offers a unique geographical niche where immediate sales are not out of the question and where the need for new and innovative technologies is constant.