GIS Implementation



Most local, tribal, state and federal agencies as well as public utilities have, over the past 30 years, implemented comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in their organizations to manage their assets and present a graphic interface to their constituents and customers. Now these 2D implementations need to be upgraded to a more modern3D Digital Twin in order to reach the next level in which to apply for a Smart City status.

What We Can Do For Your Company

With this 3D Digital Twin implementation comes the possibility of a constant update of the ever-changing geography. In partnership with XYGO Plaza Aerospace is proud to offer a complete service of drone and ground vehicles LiDAR and imagery service. With an annual subscription to this service customers can now update their geographies three or four times a year and seamlessly update their databases without service interruption.

For those organizations still searching for the right tool to deploy their GIS, Plaza Aerospace can help in the following ways:

  • Hardware and software selection based on the current and future needs of the organization.
  • Preparation and coordination of a multi-disciplinary, multi-divisional “Requirements Seminar” to exactly determine the needs of the organization and quantify development effort.
  • Evaluation of every other system in the current IT reality of the organization and preparation of an integration strategy to add the geographical component to these systems.
  • Preparation of bidding documents and evaluation of proposals.
  • Assistance in the creation of a “team atmosphere” between the vendor’s deployment team and the company’s own technical resources.
  • Onsite deployment assistance.
  • Delivery compliance.


  • Telebras, Brazil. Brazil’s telecom monopoly. Largest Enterprise GIS project in Latin America. 1,500 concurrent users in one single Oracle database.
  • Copel, Brazil. Parana State electric utility. 750 concurrent users.
  • Celesc, Brazil, Santa Catarina state electric utility. 400 concurrent users.
  • Sanepar, Brazil, Parana state water utility. 300 concurrent users.
  • Enelven, Venezuela, Maracaibo state electric utility. 150 concurrent users.
  • Telecom Argentina, private telecom company. Geo-marketing – 100 concurrent users.
  • Pinellas County, Florida, USA. Enterprise GIS based on an existing Oracle Database.

GIS Deployments

For over 28 years Juan has sold and implemented some of the largest and most complex GIS deployments in the Americas. Starting from the philosophy that both the geographic and non-graphic data should be stored in a commercially available database such as Oracle, Juan has guided tens of implementation teams in over 15 countries to reach a positive deployment of a very complex technology.

Integrating cartographic data with third party databases and making the resulting system look seamless is not a trivial task and Juan has helped countless organizations bring together the IT team to work in concert with the GIS team for the benefit of the organization at large.

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